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    We highly recommend Pawsitive Steps! 

    When we brought home our golden retriever puppy, Finn, my parents (who have used a few different dog walking services) told us we had to go with Pawsitive Steps because it is the best.

    Before Finn was even old enough to walk with the other dogs, Juliana worked on training him AND us (which was so helpful because we had no idea what we were doing).

    We originally agreed that Finn would get 2 walks per week because I work from home and could walk him myself sometimes. However.. when my husband got sent to work out of town, walking an insanely energetic puppy 2-3 times per day became too much to handle alone. When I just couldn’t keep up with him, J stepped in to walk Finn every day - this SAVED MY SANITY! Juliana for sure does not skimp out on walks! Finn is always gone an hour minimum, sometimes even 2-3+ hours so Finn comes back from walks exhausted which means a well-behaved and more manageable dog for me!

    Finn absolutely LOVES his walks and spending time with his doggy friends. I know this not only from the pictures J posts, but also because he has learned what time J usually comes for him, so he will linger by the front door waiting in anticipation. Then as soon as Finn hears J’s car pull up to the driveway, he will wag his tail uncontrollably! :)

    Overall - my husband and I love how happy Pawsitive Steps makes our dog and we can trust that Finn will get good exercise /social interaction while we’re at work.

    Juliana has been working with our rescue for a couple of months now. When I started to reach out to trainers, we often did not receive a response back. I am thinking this may be because I mentioned that Ringo is hearing impaired (although we did not discover this until we had adopted him).  Juliana was quick to respond to the challenge and always tries to work around our schedules.  We hired her to help us with Ringo's on-leash anxiety.  He still has a long way to go but I have seen amazing progress in him in just a short time.  We have not only learned a lot about Ringo but how our behaviour and emotions affect him.  Juliana has even offered to bring client's dogs alongs with her to help us with on-leash socialization skills.  We would definitely recommend her as a trainer!!

    Words cannot describe how important Juliana is in our lives. She has been with us through thick and thin. I originally chose her because I wanted my lab Wendel to have the ability to play and get exercise off leash. However the thought of a stranger taking your baby off leash is scary. But she ensured me that he would not be off leash until a bond was formed and he was trained. Well it's been several years now and he still loves going every day on his walks and his behaviour has changed dramatically in many positive ways.

    I always thought Wendel was an anxious dog who was constantly being dominated by other dogs and lacked confidence. Thanks to Juliana, he is a confident leader who loves to play like a puppy but is patient and calm when he comes home to my 2 month old daughter. If you want your dog to be a well behaved member of your family and be able to spend their days outside in nature playing with other dogs in a fun but controlled environment; then I highly recommend Pawsitive Steps dog walking services with Juliana Elmer!

    Is the word awesome over used today? Perhaps it is unless you are talking about Juliana it describes her to a t. She walks my six year old Brittany Zoey. Was Zoey hard to walk yes did I worry about letting her off her leash yes did I take her to different trainers yes. Was the result the same you guessed it, no better. At wits end I find Aunt J. Zoey heels, Zoey comes when called, thank you Aunt J To me in one word you are AWESOME. Mark Smith

    Julie has been taking Leia out for and year and a half now and I couldn't be happier with her service.  I've been home when Julie comes to collect her and the excitement I see from my dog makes me so happy because I know she is so well taken care of during her time with Julie.  We recently introduced our second dog to the pack and the results have been fantastic.  I would (and have) recomment Pawsitive Steps to anyone!!

    Thanks J !

    Bella LOVES Juliana and waits on the stairs in our hall for her. Somewhere she has a calendar and knows what days J is coming for her ! My husband said the other day..best thing we ever did for Bella was signing up with J. She gives lots of encouragement and I love her daily notes. With our long hours, it is so nice to come home to a happy puppy !

    Our Boxer Tia has been through multiple trainers and needed a lot of work. Julianna has transformed our 17 month old boxer. She's getting the exercise she needs and is less anxious. Overall amazing results. We enjoy our time with Tia and she is well exercised and very happy that she is able to have fun with her friends. Thanks so much for taking Tia on her daily runs! She loves it and you! Diane, Neil, and Tia.

    My two year old cocker spaniel, Teddy, has been walking with Juliana since he was eight months old.  Teddy loves Juliana and is always very excited to greet her and never looks back when he leaves for his walk.  It's not just a walk though, Juliana understands dogs and "talks" dog and trains while she walks.  Teddy has learned to be very obedient and respectful on and off leash and when he sometimes forgets Juliana reminds him that good dogs are well behaved!  Teddy always comes home happy and tired.  Juliana is a true professional and I would highly recommend her services.  Thanks Juliana for all you do and Teddy sends lots of wags!

    Thanks to Juliana our dog Kasie is well cared for while we are away on vacation or at work. We know Juliana treats Kasie well because Kasie is always excited to see her. We would recommend Juliana to anyone.

    Our dog Ruby (a Wheaten Terrier) has been walking with Juliana for just over a year and a half now and we couldn't be more thrilled! Ruby waits anxiously at the door for Juliana to arrive and happily hops into her truck to head off on the day's adventure. Thanks to Juliana, Ruby is a healthier, happier, and more confident dog! Thank you Juliana for all of the hours of work you have put into Ruby! 

    We adopted two five-month old puppies from Kismutt Small Animal rescue two years ago.  As we both work full-time, we needed to find someone who could give the boys the time and attention they needed (and deserved, after a rough start in life).  Juliana turned out to be that person.   Thanks in large part to her hard work, the boys have turned out to be extremely sociable, sweet dogs, who (generally) listen to us (and always seem to listen to Juliana)!  We highly recommend Pawsitive Steps!

    We started with Julie last summer.  This was our first experience with a dog walker.  Vespa (our little min-pin) absolutely loves Julie and gets all excited when she comes to get her.  Vespa has made new friends as well.

    Julie has also done some awwesome training with Vespa.  She listens to commands, goes off leash and returns when she is too far.  Overall, Vespa's behaviour is a lot better thanks to Julie's awesome work!  We recommend K9pawsitivesteps to everyone in Milton and you will see a difference in your dog!

    Thanks Julie......woof...woof!

    We all know that loving your animal is just not enough. Juliana has always had the ability to mix the right formula together and give both animal and owner the most pawsitive and loving relationships. You will not find a more intuitive caregiver. Congratulations Juliana.

    We are new to the area and first time pupppy parents.  While we both grew up with dogs as part of our families, this is the first time we are primary care givers-and at times we have been a bit overwhelmed by the experience.  

    We have been with Pawsitive Steps K9 Services for only a short while but we saw results almost immediately (literally!) and we are fully confident in Juliana and her services. She is genuinely dedicated to what she does and it was clear to us from the very first meeting her focus is only well being of her clients-both two and four legged.

    I would definitely recommend Pawsitive Steps K9 Services, especially for those commuters who are away for longer hours during the day.  It's been a huge peace of mind for us knowing that our Buddy is getting such great care while we're unable to be home, and we are already seeing improvement in behaviour.

    I have been using Pawsitive Steps K9 services for a couples of months now. I was concerned that one of my two dogs was not well trained and thought getting him extra exercise would help him focus more on his obedience training. Morpheus has been too much of a dog for me as a novice dog owner. However, Juliana, in five minutes figured out his behavior patterns and gave me a few simple suggestions to try and now has been teaching Morpheus and I to understand each other better and learn a new form of communication in which we can both understand one another. Morpheus has been a much more respectful and calmer dog since we started using Pawsitive Steps. Even my friends and family have noticed what a drastic improvement Morpheus has made in such a short period of time. They also feel more comfortable coming to my house as I can now get him to sit and greet them nicely instead of him jumping all over them when they come in. Pawsitive Steps has restored my confidence as a dog owner and assisted in building my pack leadership skills. We just keep improving more and more with each passing week.

    Thank you Juliana.


    Natalia and doggies Morpheus and Fiona

    I cannot believe that in just a short period of time Pawsitive Steps (Julliana) has made such a huge impact on my dogs behaviour! Thank you, thank you... Pugsley, a terrier, pug X, was impossible to walk on a leash. Walk time was always a struggle with him. Juliana walked him just a couple of times and I noticed that he was so much more laid back. Now I can walk the dog without struggle AND with my kids as well! Awesome thanks again!

    We've noticed a great change in our dog Cassie since she started her walks with Juliana. She seems more relaxed and social with other animals and people, whereas, before she was either timid or aggressive. We used to struggle with her when walking Cassie ourselves and have noticed how much less of a fight it is and more of an enjoyable stroll with our family pet. Cassie is always excited to see Juliana and seems to really enjoy the daily adventures. I'm glad our dog is finally becoming more of a family member with Juliana's care and love.

    Thanks Julie!