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    Dogs need boundaries that are clear and concise.  Making boundaries in this way enables them to be worry and stress free.  They can relax in the knowing of good leadership and pack management demonstrated by us. A relaxed dog is a happy dog. A happy dog will feel free to play with abandon leaving him/her tired and well exercised by the end of our walks.

    playing with abandon

    Start with your FREE Meet and Greet. This meeting lasts about 20 - 30 minutes and gives your dog(s) and our staff both a chance to get acquainted. During our Meet and Greet we'll assess your dog(s) and determine which walk would best suit you dog's needs. We will also fill out the necessary paperwork and pick up the key(s).



    Adventure Hike/Run (Training Walk)

    This hour long, 3-5 kms hike/run is for the high energy dog. We provide a bootcamp style outing for your pooch that incorporates both mental and physical stimulation. This is a training walk. We work on recall, sit, down, off and wait on every outing. We are constantly engaging the dogs with new tasks as well as reinforcing the basics. The dogs are always mentally and physically exhausted at the end of the hour.

     Sit, stay

    Group Walk (1 hour)

    This is not a training walk. Your dog will be walked in town, on leash, by one of our professional walkers. Your dog will be walked in groups of 3-4 dogs.

    in town walk


    Please allow 7 days notice when scheduling new appointments. However, last minute emergencies do occur so please call and we will try to work you into our schedule.


    Professional Training For Dog Owners

    Training session

    Understanding Body Language Course


    Basic Obedience - Level One


    Basic Obedience - Level Two


    Pawsitive Behaviour Training


    Special Needs Training


    Board and Train