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    About PSK9S

    Juliana, owner and operator of Pawsitive Steps since 2005, began working with dogs in 1994 at a security company with over 40 large breed dogs. She spent her years there learning how to “read” these dogs and their varied temperaments. She learned about training for the purpose of security and self-protection and how to handle trained and untrained dogs in a safe and positive way.

    From there she began working as a veterinarian assistant.  She learned a lot more about all different breeds and how to “read” their temperaments and body language. She learned about illnesses and how to treat them, how a sick dog sometimes behaves in very different ways than healthy dogs. She is also trained in pet first aid.

    Juliana has spent the past 13 years walking and training dogs. Her time spent working with clients and seeing first hand, how dogs interact within a pack setting and on their own has given her first hand knowledge about a dog's methods of communication through verbal and more so non verbal cues.

    Juliana has many years of experience working with and gaining the trust of dogs and their humans. She has dedicated her whole life to understanding the needs of dogs and helping people better understand and build great relationships with their dogs.

    Juliana has put together multiple seminars to further educate people about dogs.